Stripe and Loose


These summer days are extremely hot at this period of time in these tropical countries (Sorry if you noticed that I’ve been keeping talking/complaining about the hot weather in my recent posts, but it’s really hottt here and I hate that!!!!!).2~1

That’s why whenever getting outdoor, I tend to opt for something very light, thin and maybe, the less the cloth can touch my skin the better hehe. I love the little stripe black & white bracelet so much, it’s quite matchy with the stripe on my top huh? ^^


I also need to pick a blazer to avoid me from the insane heat and sunshine of the so-called April summer days (hereby I wish the rainy season would come the sooner the better…).


I opt for a light pink color, I really love how the blue pants and the pink blazer are put together, not a bad combination right? ^^ Just by putting on the blazer, this will make any outfit a much classier look!5~1

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