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I wore this outfit to go to the cinema and watch RIO 2. I believe many of you guys already watched this right? It’s quite fun, except for the fact that we could only pick up the dubbed version at that time. I think the original would be nice since there are a lot of songs in the movies.

Back to the movie, what do you think about it? Fun, right? I especially love those supporting actors, the 03 birds following Blu, Nigel the cruel bird. I can’t help laughing too much. To me, this part is even better than the 1st part.

Anyway, this movie has a very familiar story line in comparison of the other American animated movies. The main characters get in the internal problem (hereby, Blu couldn’t catch up with the new life in an Amazon forest – his wife’s hometown, and he is even almost isolated with his being unhelpful and his, well, domesticated behaviors.). And then the whole forest gets into the trouble when some human wants to benefit from the wood, Blu and the whole family need to cooperate to fight against these bad guys. And certainly they win. After that, the internal problem is solved and everything goes fine.

Wow, such a dreamy story right? We cannot get that much in real life. But I believe that things will go best when we try best. 🙂 Hope you enjoy my photos!








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