Looking at the friends surrounding me all eagerly getting married or having babies, I can’t help being too surprised and sometimes I still feel quite shocked, well, not in negative way of course.


I feel shocked because I am still a single lady who rarely thinks about getting married at my 26 (yeah, you may right away think that I’m over-aged for getting married already haha) and even rarely think about having a baby in at least within next 02 years hehe. I feel shocked because there are too many of my friends already settle down their lives with their husband, and some with their babies. (I need to admit that, I really enjoy and even admire the lovely and sweet moments of a little family, the way how the young parents care for little first child, but I really can’t imagine my life would be mega-change after marriage.)


However, out of all the reason I may list down here, mostly this feeling is because I cannot admit myself that I and they (my friends and people around me) already grew up. I feel so so uncomfortable thinking about the definition of “growing up”, yeah, isn’t that we are growing up or growing old. Getting married is one of the certain things people would do when growing up, need I get so shocked about that? It’s an absolute thing, isn’t it? Yeah, after some time – maybe 1 or 2 year, I need to admit it’s an absolute thing. Yet, I might still find it “uncomfortable” in some way, though getting married, being with your beloved partner may be one of the best things in life. Somehow, I just don’t feel I’m ready…











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