1. If you are going with a dress or skirt, always wear a pair SAFETY SHORTS underneath. Keep that shorts as thin as possible, because you don’t want to make their lines visible under your body-hugged dress. This tip is super helpful when you get drunk dancing crazily without noticing that you bottoms have been badly revealed to dozen of eyes at least. So, prepare yourself to avoid embarrassment.
  2. Relating to that underneath pair of shorts, although it is just a safety plan and can hardly be showed, but there is no limitation for you to play some CREATIVITY with it. Go pick a good color that match with your clothes that really shows your sense of fashion. When the time comes, in stead of embarrassment you may get a secret admiration from someone who accidentally see that (I laugh a bit). For example, underneath my this denim shirt dress, I would wear a salmon pink pair of shorts.


  1. Wear a bag with PROPER ZIP. And always tie it onto your body. You won’t want to stop having fun half-way looking for your phone or wallet which is now with somebody else you can never know. A medium cross-body bag is best. Cross-body because it can keep your hands free all the time. And medium because it won’t hide much of your amazing outfit. And again, don’t ever forget a proper zip I mentioned.
  2. What to keep in your clubbing bag? For me, these things will keep me safe and pretty: red lipstick, strong scented perfume (I even use a men’s one), your regular press powder, blusher and brush, wallet, phone (if not necessary you should put your phone home)


  • Body-con dress: Either with sleeve or no sleeve is OK. It’s tight so you can show off all the curves, sleeveless can be unnecessary sometimes.
  • (Set) Croptop + pencil skirt/highwaisted shorts: A reveal of belly button would be cool.
  • Camisole/off-shoulder top + mini-skirt/shorts: This is more comfortable than the set above. And looks more both feminine and effortless.
  • Short croptop + highwaisted denim pants: Keep the croptop short at the breast line.
  • Heels:  I would never ever recommend to wear pumps into clubs. Since they’re way too formal. Better keep it at the office. Some cooler options: High heel sandals, gladiator heels or sandals, boots (boots are too cool), flat sandal (perfect at beach clubs).img_2581img_2580

That’s it. Hope you guys enjoy.

Trúc Viên (Cherrypie)


Photo source: Pinterest


You are my treasure, will never let you go

It was a sunny afternoon and I decided to colorize a little bit for the last days of summer time. Anyway, there were nothing much colorful other than the earrings and the skirt huh? 🙂1B


This look popped up in my mind when I tried to think about something a bit funkier and more colorful than what I normally tend to be. Wearing like this is not already used to me I need to confess, if you know that I’m kind of a girl with more soft and gentle looks tee-heee2

I loved the little colorful bracelet, it doesnt look so bad matching with the colorful skirt huh? 🙂


I like how this look turned to be when I added on the sunnies. I look funky now huh? ^^A






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