Koh Samet Beach – Thailand

Next post I wanna write about this beautiful and pretty wild beach of Thailand – Koh Samet.

Gosh, writing on a travelling post makes me want to travel so bad. 🙂

Truc Vien




A place to remind

Its too good to have some super sadness yet romance within your soul. That sadness is all over the place within you, you can easily feel the pain in your heart and the emptiness it causes, however later on when you are used to it, it becomes so sweet and sometimes you may need it for the inspiration and self reminding. By the time you notice, that hurt is already well stirred inside your spirit. That is also the moment when you get over it to some certain extent.

I have this romantic tourism place which often reminds me of the first love. Unfortunately coincidentally, that location is too sad yet beautiful. More tourism info about this spot below while this sadness is eating me up. It is called Da Lat city. The city locates on highland which makes the weather here always cool and quite cold from year-end to Feb, Mar, this is opposite to most of the other typical tropical and humid cities around Vietnam (for ex Ho Chi Minh City). The coldness itself is sadness. The city has a beautiful lake in the center reflecting one part of the city under the water. Lots of hills and mountains within and outside Da Lat. Getting around the city on feet meaning going up and down the hills, actually a very good session of exercise in late afternoon for locals as well as tourists. Da Lat is also considered of The city of Thousands of Flowers, many species of flowers are grown here for tourism purpose. And specially, the ladies here have the fair skin which makes most of them look so pretty and gentle (I know lots of people love may honey skin but in Vietnam a lot of us do prefer fairer tone).
The lake, the trees, the hills, flowers, the girls and an unacceptably too blue sky set up a picturesque appearance of Da Lat. I collect some pictures from Internet to show down here.
colonial architecture tour da lat
Dalat 1 day tour
doi thong da lat 1 75556 zoom
Such beauty by no means cannot be the fave tourism location for a lot of people, including both locals and foreigners. Indeed, many couples have picked it for the vacations. You are right, I did that too. That’s why I cant help myself thinking about those moments whenever my mind flashes this place. OK. No words (of mine) can further describe the prettiness of this floral city . Let’s take a look of the scenery again (above) if you like, hereby I’d like to attach some of the fashion photos I took few years ago in Da Lat as well.
I am quite a fan of layering, then of course I will not miss any single opportunity playing with the pieces whenever I can. And my top tip of layering in cool weather is a pair of black legging sock. It is so useful in all cases, I can wear legging sock with either a pair of short, short flare skirt or a body-con skirt. I often love to wear a basic top underneath my coat. Another of my fav piece for winter is scarf.
Let’s take a look of my fashion photos through out the years and let me know what you think!



Life with a bicycle

Hi everyone

This is my 3rd day’s outfit from my quick getaway in Vung Tau beach city over last weekend.

I rented a bicycle to cycle around the city. The feeling was amazing! Especially that day was Monday, and how I imagine my colleagues are running like hell at the office, while I was this super relaxing and free. The bicycle is awesome as well, it’s super light even when I cycling up any hilly street.

Back to my outfit, I actually was looking for some kind of outfit I can throw on to ride the bicycle, my bad luck that I didn’t bring much pants, so I ended up with this little black skater skirt, a floral cami; to show less bare skin while cycling around the cloudy city, I threw on this kimono cardigan. And there I go! I think it’s not too bad for the cycling session, especially when I can’t find another pair of proper pants.



P/S: Following here I have blogging in Vietnamese as well, but please be noticed that it’s not totally my PURE translation from the above Englist paragrath. I may have the different wording due to Vietnamese style.

Dưới đây cp cũng có một đoạn blog viết bằng tiếng Việt, tuy nhiên đoạn tiếng Việt này không hẳn là đoạn dịch hoàn toàn từ đoạn tiếng Anh bên trên, có thể sẽ có một số đoạn có cách diễn giải khác tùy thuộc vào văn phong Việt Nam.

Xin chào các bạn

Đây là bộ oufit CP mặc vào ngày thứ 3 của chuyến đi Vũng Tàu vừa rồi.

Trong ngày này CP thuê xe đạp đạp quanh thành phố biển, cảm giác phải nói là cực kỳ Yomost, đặc biệt nữa là hôm đó là thứ 2, nghĩ tới việc mọi người đang tất bật chốn văn phòng mà CP thì lại đang tận hưởng sung sướng cùng cực này thì càng thấy thoải hết cả con gà mái :P. Chiếc xe đạp này chị khách sạn cho thuê, kèm giới thiệu giá 1.500usd và ship từ Hàn Quốc về, quả thiệt là đạp siêu đã, lên dốc mà vẫn nhẹ tênh như đi đường bằng, đúng là 1.500usd có khác 😛

Quay về với bộ outfit của ngày hôm nay, thực chất thì hôm đó CP mang ít quần short quá nên cuối cùng đành phải lôi váy ra mặc, mặc dù biết là sẽ đi xe đạp (bí kíp là mặc thêm quần short mặc trong nhà bên trong, vậy là vô tư “vung” qua lại, tới lui), thêm 1 chiếc áo 2 dây hoa hòe này, để kín đáo mình, thêm 1 áo khoác kimono nữa, và cuối cùng là giày bệt dạng thể thao. Trèo lên xe và đạp thuiiii!!!!!!



IMG 4241

IMG 4287

IMG 4237

IMG 4255

IMG 4272

IMG 4268

IMG 4288

Vung Tau (Part 2)

Hi there,

I’m back, to continue where I’ve left off in my last part.

Day 2 in Vung Tau: Free buffet in the hotel – Swimming pool – Resting in the hotel – Lunch – Lighthouse – Swimming and flying a kite at the Back beach – Back to hotel – Dinner – Greyhound racing & nosh.

Ky Hoa is considered as a 3.5-4 star hotel. But I think their buffet service is not that standard. Little food variety. Buffet time limitation from 6:30AM something to 9AM (which I really hate about lots of hotel in Vietnam, whoever go for a vacation and need to get up early before 7PM to have a not-used-up-yet breakfast???). I also noticed that they never supplied more food to the container when it’s 8:30AM, nearly 9:00AM! Waiters are few, they rarely cleared the finished dishes.

But it’s OK. We still had fun having breakfast since we woke up before 7AM. 🙂

After breakfast, we had a very fun swimming section, especially with our little baby.


IMG_5434Way to the swimming pool, our room is on the right.


IMG_5437Flower in the hotel yard

IMG_5443My sister and brother-in-law and the 1-year-old baby

 IMG_5484 IMG_5986

After the swimming session, we intended to visit Bạch Dinh (White Palace) but the baby was, unfortunately, sleeping, so we had to skip this place and had to take a rest in the room instead, until the baby woke up.

Bạch Dinh locates very near my hotel, in the Front Beach. This villa was built as a summer holiday house for a French Governor.


(Photo from Internet)

We woke up for lunch, yay! Another seafood lunch at Cây Bàng restaurant, which is 5 mins driving from the hotel.

This is a sea-view restaurant as well.


Our bill for 6 persons is 800,000 VND (around 40USD) which was double expensive in comparison with the dinner last night.

I recommend Lẩu cá bóp (Fish Bóp hotpot).IMG_5544 IMG_5548My Dad

After the nice lunch, we headed to the Light House, which locates on Bai Sau (Back Beach) and then the Back Beach for swimming.

Way to the Lighthouse, it takes around 10mins to go up from the ground. They say people can go hiking here, but I don’t recommend doing this when you are alone or with 1 or 2 people. It’s very dangerous because of few residence and many threats of robbery.


We are super amused with this tree, can you guess what? Cotton tree!


“The lighthouse affords a panoramic view of the whole of Vung Tau and is a really interesting site. No ticket is needed, but tourists are required to pay 4,000 VND per visit.” (wikitravel). In fact, we were just requested to pay for our taxi’s parking at 0.5USD.

The toilet is quite dirty and abandoned :'(.



You can have your portrait drawn by this man, at 5USD/person.


View from the Light House:IMG_5603 IMG_5611

-Me and the baby at the foot of the Light House – the highest place of the Light House all tourists are allowed to get to. (Meaning we are not allowed to get up there on the top, I suppose the workers are working there right? :))
IMG_5624 IMG_5640

View from another side of the Light House:


After the sightseeing on Light House, we quickly had our clothes changed in that dirty toilet 😦 and got straight to the Back Beach to swimmmmmmm. We told the taxi driver to drop us somewhere crowded. Yay, and there it was, our beach. Remember what I said in the last post, Vung Tau beach is not a very clear beach, so don’t expect too much :).

 IMG_5709 IMG_5729 IMG_5744

First time I flied a kite!!! It’s very windy here, flying kite is a super good choice, instead of playing ball.IMG_5746 IMG_5833 IMG_5907


We got back to the hotel for showering. After that, we went for dinner and greyhound racing! I’m going to tell you a very good food we had for that dinner: Pigeon Porrigde.

Place I ate: 56 Đồ Chiểu street – 10 mins of driving from our hotel.

The porridge is cooked while being served, when it’s boiled enough, we put the veges, bean-spouts to the pot to cook together. Don’t worry about when the porridge is cooked well, a guy of the restaurant will help you doing this.


I think the Chinese people would know this, this is you char kway. To those who don’t know, this is a fried breadstick. In Ho Chi Minh city, very often, we cut this into smaller pieces and put it into porridge or some certain kind of noodle like Bánh canh cua (Crab tapioca noodles). It tastes nice!25878245_ai1hZatmV-t-F2Mvhun_uHMtr1v52tAd5vxG2Y8qkpY

The porridge is yum!

We headed for the stadium for Greyhound race!  The ticket is 60,000VND/person (~3USD). The stadium is LAM SƠN stadium, locates at 15 Lê Lợi. We can walk from the dining place. This is big stadium, not as I imagined haha.

The greyhound occur every Fri and Sat. Each night there would be 10 rounds of racing. We came in late when the 3rd round just started, we watched the race for the next 4 rounds and got off. We are not gamblers hehe. For more information, I quote from vov.vn: “Visitors can legally bet on winners, exacta betting, or trifecta betting. In Exacta, the bettor chooses first and second place finishers in order. The Trifecta is the same but also includes third place. Minimum bets are VND10,000.

Gamblers usually consult a programme describing each participating dog and their performance records.”

I feel poor the dogs!

We had some Rau má đậu xanh (Centella smoothie with green beans) which was really nice. Recommended address: Bà Già shop, on Đồ Chiểu str (where we had pigeon porridge).

Đồ Chiểu street is actually a food area. You can totally explore this area by yourself!

Then we got back to the hotel and slept!

Day 3: Free breakfast in hotel – Swimming pool – Lunch – BUS back to Ho Chi Minh city

We had Bánh khọt, a signature dish of Vung Tau for lunch. We intended to have Bánh khọt Bà Hai (Ms. Hai’s Bánh khọt) on Trần Đồng street, but it was close then, we, recommended by the taxi driver, got straight to Cô Ba Vũng Tàu (Ms. Ba). This restaurant has quite a few branches in Ho Chi Minh city already, so, nothing special! 🙂

Bánh khọt is popular in the South of Vietnam, it is a round, fried rice flour pancake which we serve with green veges and sweet fish sauce. Hmmm, I’m hungry.


This post is quite long already . Hope you enjoyed reading it. Actually, to me, Vung Tau is quite a nice city, except for the dirty beach and some cheats by vendors at weekend. It’s worth your trying! 🙂


Vung Tau (Part 1)

Hi everyone,

I just had a 3-day-2-night trip with my family members to Vung Tau last weekend (from 20Mar-22Mar2014). I’ve come here for several times, my impression about this city is that this is a pure city with a beautiful road along the beach, one side is covered by mountainous area, one side is the amazingly vast sea;  plus, Vung Tau beach is kind of an urbanized beach. These characteristics create the specialty for this beach city.

Ha_Long_Road_in_Vungtau (from Internet)

(Photo from Internet)

To be honest, Vung Tau beach is not a nice one, it’s even quite dirty and polluted, since, yes, it is urbanized as I said. Every weekend, thousands of people from Ho Chi Minh city and nearby areas flock into this beach – the nearest beach within Southern area of Vietnam, only 2-hour of driving from Ho Chi Minh City.

And another bad point about this city, if you’re a tourist, you’ve often got to be stung by the vendors, by the unknown restaurants. So be sure that you know well about where you’re going to have your meals and other services.

However, excepting those 02 points, there are a lot of good things you can experience in Vung Tau. I’m going to list down exactly what I have done in the trip, my recommendation… I write this for both local and foreign travelers, who may know less than me about this city :).

My itinerary: Ho Chi Minh City – Vung Tau

My transportation: BUS (Brand: Mai Linh)

Duration: 02 hours

How to buy: Phone Mai Linh bus office or get straight to Southern Area Bus Station (Bến Xe Miền Đông)

Ticket price: 90.000VND/one way ~ 4,5USD (update to Mar14)

Day 1: Arriving at hotel – Take rest – Lunch – Cable car to the Mountain – Sunset and Ice Cream – Back to Hotel – Dinner – Double-bike riding and walking along the Back Beach (Bai Sau)

We arrived at the hotel at around 10AM. Our hotel is Ky Hoa 4-star hotel, locates in Front Beach (Bai Truoc). Quick explanation, Bai Truoc (Front beach) locates in the center of the city, where lots of people come here to watch the sunset; lots of boats stay here. Bai Sau (Back beack) is the extended area of Bai Truoc, it is also called Thùy Vân beach because its locates on Thùy Vân road, where people come for swimming the most.

Back to my hotel, we’d got a suite room for our hotel to live in. Its well-equipped with kitchen and a bar table. We didn’t really cook though.


 (Photo from Internet)


 (Photo from Internet)

Full view of Hotel Ky Hoa:

IMG_5408This is my Mom.

254996_130118112317183_STD (Photo from Internet)

Ky Hoa Hotel Vung Tau

 (Photo from Internet)

This hotel has very nice exterior design actually, everything is OK, however, I’m not going to recommend it to you, it’s not that 100% perfect to me and you may also experience some little things that are not satisfying like I did. So it’s just upon your decision! 🙂

We had a snack with some foods we brought along and skipped the main lunch because we were all full then. We slept until 2pm, then we woke up and started our adventure!

We headed to the Cable car center firstly in that afternoon. It was Thursday and we paid 100,000VND/person (~5USD) for 02-way cable car and free visit at the Flower Garden, on the top a mountain (where they also have a theme park here, but this fee doesn’t include the entrance to theme park; and if you want to play in the theme park, should go on Fri and weekend).

View from Cable car, its beautiful:


Our photos at the Flower garden, on top of the mountain where we can view the whole city:

IMG_5270 IMG_5276 IMG_5290


On the way back to cable car station, we are really sliding down back to the ground:

IMG_5302 IMG_5308 IMG_5309 IMG_5310 IMG_5311

After getting off from the cable car, it was near 5pm, we headed to find some ice-cream shop to enjoy something cool after a sweating trip and watch the beautiful sunset. Right in front of the cable car station, there are a lot of food vendors, I recommend to order fried seafood balls and ice-cream (they have Chewy Junior cake as well)!


 (Photo from Internet)


Enjoy the sunset at the right time!



IMG_5372 IMG_5388 IMG_5394

We got back to the hotel for some shower, after a sweating trip. Then we headed out for dinner, a seafood dinner, so excited!

THÀNH PHÁT II – was our destination. I ate here before, so I recommended this to my family. It took us around 10-min taxi trip to here, from Ky Hoa hotel. Very near. The bill for our whole dinner of 06 people was 500,000VND (~25USD), we enjoyed very fresh seafood, seaview.

Our order for your reference: Squid boiled with ginger, oyster porridge, Thai style clam, fried seafood noodle, veges dipped in kho quẹt sauce (a sauce made by cooking fish sauce and sugar). They are all nice. I recommend the squid boiled and oyster which is very refresh and yum!!


 (Photo from Internet)


 (Photo from Internet)

After finishing the dinner, we headed to Back Beach for riding double-bike, which took us around 20-25 min-taxi trip to get there from the dining place (Taxi fare is up to 300,000VND/1 way (~15USD) :'(. I don’t recommend going this far to Back Beach just for biking, and then finding this area quite quiet, dark since it was just Thu; moreover, to add in my disappointment, the bank which was under construction for these years hasn’t been finished, which caused a very messy look to Back beach. So, my advise is that you should combine to go somewhere as well since you went this far, and should go at weekend, when this area is stuffed with tourists! It would be more fun!

Double-biking at Back Beach:


I rented 02 double-bikes at 80,000VND/hour (~4USD) which I think is quite expensive since I didn’t bargain at all. You can keep bargaining about this, 30,000VND/bike/hour is acceptable.

After sweating bike riding, we headed back to hotel for rest.

See you in part 2, the remaining time of my family in Vung Tau.


Feeling refresh

Hello guys, its been a while since my last post. Recently, I’ve got stuck in something, that’s why I barely had time to update my blog. Never mind, Im back anyway! 😛 I’ve just been back from Nha Trang beach city last week, of course I’ve taken lots of photos and I can’t wait to show you guys here.  First of all, a photo of Nha Trang beach city: 31 Quite beautiful beach city right? 🙂 Actually, I am editing a post on, kind of, “How to pack for a 4 days 3 nights beach trip”, but all is still in the process and hopefully, I can make it before next week, before I throw myself in the new week’s insane working schedule in the office (OK, its not that bad, I know I am exaggerating at this point, it’s just coz I often feel lazy when it comes to office work hehe). So meanwhile, I decided to post some of  the looks first. (Please also wait for my How-to post, its my first time and really want to listen to what you guys will be thinking about my How-to post ^^). This is my 2nd day outfit. IMG_3587 I didn’t know that we were heading for a church and a pagoda, so I wasn’t very well-prepared in terms of outfits  (the itinerary was thrown to me when I was already on the bus, so cannot blame me on this right? Teheeee). Anyway, since I knew that we were going on formal places, I quickly threw on this full-length skirt, which can cover my whole legs and shorts underneath. Anyway, I didn’t get inside the church and pagoda, the bottom part is still safe enough for me to search around and have pictures taken. IMG_3614 It’s a fake tatoo. Don’t get me wrong haha. IMG_3596 I found this little white tee in a flea market a few weeks before the trip, just when I saw it, I knew it will definitely follow me to the beach haha. IMG_3590 I was wearing a sweet yellow bikini underneath the top but you can barely see it here. IMG_3605 IMG_3593 I am so in love with maxi skirt recently. I find that I can wear it to so many places. When it comes to the beach, maxi skirt becomes a good choice for a soft, gentle, romantic look which suits the beach very well. IMG_3688 After the pagoda and church visiting, we headed for VINPEAR LAND, yay! You know what is Vinpearl land? It is a resort island located in an island within Nha Trang city, by reaching there, you can enjoy its water park, theme park, whatever park hehe. The price is not so expensive, around USD25/person, including 2-way cable car, all the games & activities you can have there (water park, games, 4D movies…). I just especially loved the lazy river, where I could throw myself on a life saver and just let the water roll me away, just so enjoyable and peaceful feeling :D.IMG_3742 IMG_3743

Beach inside the Vinpearl Land’s water park.

Hey guys, many thanks to your attention.

If you like my look or you think I need to adjust anything, please speak out down there via the comments!

If  you have more time for me, please go and hype for me on Lookbook.nu & Chictopia.com



Jakarta – Bandung – Bali trip (Part 1)


Actually, I was invited to Jakarta for my ex-roomate’s wedding. Well, so… I and my friends took this as an opportunity to drop by the other nearby places, and a can-not-be-missed nearby destination in our list is Bali island – a very well-known tourist spot.

I’m going to write about my 11-day trip. Since my trip would be too long to tell and I am not so neat when it comes to writing, I decided to divide my trip into many episodes.


First episode would be about my first days in Jakarta and the WEDDING!!!

Arriving at Jakarta at around 11pm at night, I was a bit surprised that Jakarta has the same time zone with Ho Chi Minh city (My bad, I didnt research properly for the trip). Jakarta welcomed me with its Feb night rain; I felt I was very lucky since I didn’t suffer any flight delay. I reached the airport on time and get picked up by 02 nice men sent by Nisa (my lovely roomate I mentioned above).

Arrived Nisa’s house at around 1:00 in the morning, tired of the flight and the whole-day working before that (was almost late for the flight because getting stuck with job handover haha). But before sleeping for a million years, I still had enough time to chit chat with Nisa the little girl, OMG, I’d been apart from this girl for more than TWO YEARS. She was still the same, exept for 01 thing that she was getting married on that weekend, meaning she was going to have a new adventure and leaving the single ladies like me behind hehe.

OK I’m gonna talking about the main things I did in Jakarta, the wedding and the shopping malls.


The wedding is such a really nice experience to me.

Saturday morning is the time for the couple entering the mosque – attending the ceremony which is called Nikah in Muslim (if I’m not mistaken).

All the ladies and men dressed up in Muslim traditional clothes. Yeah, you know what I mean by traditional clothes, like Nisa’s auntie following outfit (well, I love this lady so much, she’s really nice and fun).


But still, I noticed that some ladies in their very modern and nice traditional outfit, with the cut-out, see-through fabric, like the 02 following ladies:

Picture 017

The ceremony is quite long to me, since I didn’t understand the prayer in Muslim =.=, so I cannot say I really enjoyed the ceremony =.=. Anyway, I love looking at the way they conducted the ceremony and tried to reason why they did this or did that. The noise is raising higher and higher when it came nearer to the end of the ceremony, some people left their seats to take the foods and well, so did us hehe.

As soon as the buffet was officially served, the ceremony ended. Some people started lining up on the left side of the stage (under allocation of an MC) to reach the bride and groom (who are standing on the stage) for congratulations, they touched on each others’ hands, hugged each others, and posed together. In this wedding, normally, the guests are asked (by the photographers) to take 01 formal photo with the bride and groom, and another one in “free-style”, it’s just so funny and cute to see all the mature/old people making these free-style poses. Here is a typical photo during the congratulations, in which the couple having the pictures with their guests, relatives…

IMG_6589A very interesting fact is that (this is revealed by Nisa the bride) we should try to steal the jasmine around her hair and keep that until you forget everything about that, then maybe you are marrying later on (if I’m not mistaken hehe). As soon as we reached her on the stage, we already informed her we were gonna steal her flowers and she kept chasing us to do that. How sweet she was huh? Haha.

This is a close-up shot of the couple of the day (sorry Hashfi, if you think you look not nice here 😛 I don’t have any other picture :P)

IMG_6590There were even a LIVE music band on the left hand side of the stage, they sang all the English and Indonesian songs and I found this was really nice. Maybe I can imitiate later on =].

That was all about the ceremony.

The wedding dinner was held on the following evening (Sunday).

The NIKAH (or the ceremony in the mosque the day before) and the wedding dinner actually somehow had a similiar format. The guests came to see the beginning ceremony, then the prayer, the buffet, live music and the congratulations from the guests to the couple. However, there were quite a lot differences: the clothes of the couple (very nice wedding suits in the following picture), the wedding venue (it’s hugeee & beautiful), more guests (a huge amount – around 2,000 I heard!!!), the reception, an opening traditional dance. Here are some pictures:

BambangJavanese traditional dance

ilhamThe 02 families


DSC01255The couple is followed by the girls (the bridemaids?) who keep spreading out the flowers all over the young couple.

OK, hope I didn’t miss anything from the wedding… My post is too long already. Next part I’d like to tell you about the malls in Jakarta and Bandung, for all shopaholics out there, hehe.

All the best,