OK. Let’s make it straight to the point that last night I had the sweetest dream ever in my life. In my dream, I jumped into the best part of the relationship: He took me out for the shopping! Woohoo. So pitiful that was just a dream.

However, another most interesting part was that after shopping for a while, while carrying all my shopping bags, he asked us to stay for a short break, and he offered me to sit opposite to him instead of sitting on the same row like everyone would do, so that we can talk. He’s such a gentleman, from his appearance, his voice, his gesture to his conversation. I can still feel his warmth overwhelming me LOL. I know that sounds silly to tell a dream that was already passed for almost 12 hours and I feel that was even more emotional than a teenage girl.

However, in fact, there is something more important I’d like to tell… I didn’t know this kind of expectation has been rooting in my sub-conscience this far that my dream finally spilled it out perfectly and beautifully this way. The talk.  He asked me to talk, to share, and that where the connection between the two souls started to establish. He wanted to listen to me; he offered to know me; he’d like to touch my soul; he wished to feel me, feel what I actually thought. He was really honest of his desire to share, whatever between us. Another plus point is that his voice and body language were so so gentle. What on earth could a girl ask for more? I don’t know what else people would ask for more, I only know that’s too much for me. The rest of my life I am gonna live just for that. That kind of connection and understanding between the two different people who share their souls.

So bad that the most beautiful dream ended too fast, so now I need to be back to the reality and live it to the fullest, while hoping that one day, my dream-man would come. However, be cautious, this heart is very sensitive to the cheating and un-honest ones, so man, don’t try to hard.


To My Fellow Women, Life Isn’t Just About Finding A Boyfriend — Thought Catalog

To my fellow women, its not worth looking for a guy instead of living your life to the fullest.

Gotta translate this to Vietnamese soon.

Truc Vien

Gabi E. MulderTo the girls who go on dates after dates, looking for the “one”. For the women who hopelessly wait for the man of their dreams to show up at their door any second, and for the ones who feel miserable about themselves because they don’t have a significant other, life is so much…

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This Is The Real Difference Between Liking Someone And Truly Loving Them — Thought Catalog / KieferpixTo like someone is to like their smile, to like the way their hair flops to the side, and to notice butterflies in your stomach when they come towards you. To like someone is to tell them about yourself, about your family, your friends and your hobbies. It’s about getting to know what…

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This Is What Love Is — Thought Catalog

I cant agree more on this. I actually had two similiar posts about love, same idea here: How long should a relationship take and A real boyfriend.

Paolo RaeliThey say that maybe love isn’t an intense shot of tequila as much as it is a long sip of well-matured wine. I think everyone expects love to be this intense experience. But it’s not. Love is comfortable. It’s being able to let your guard down, to completely be in the presence of your…

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I Want The Kind Of Love That Makes Me A Better Person — Thought Catalog

Everyone wants this but not everyone knows to set this criteria.

It’s over the time whe look for handsome guys, pretty girls, rich ones. Its soul connection and the posivity and happiness that a couple can bring to each other!

Keep it up, Thought Catolog!

Emily & Steve PhotographyI long for the love that is written about in novels with the pain, heart ache and happy ending. A love that is built on hardships and overcoming triumphs together. A love that is beautiful and real. A love that is passionate and honest, not a love that is easy and comfortable.…

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A real boyfriend


Hi girls,

In my last post, I’ve shared some of my opinions about love criteria.  Today, I’d like to narrow it down to how a true boyfriend would look like when in love with you.

You know, love is a heart thing. If things don’t come from heart then it’s not love. A true boyfriend should love you by his heart. Otherwise, you guys are just wasting time.

As I say, a true boyfriend is whole-hearted. He’s honest and he does everything for you by heart (yes, I would keep repeating “heart” 100 times). If he knows that you are craving for a piece of tiramisu cake while it’s raining like dog and cat, nothing could stop his way to you with a box of cake on his hand. Since you know, he has his heart attached to you, lady.

A true boyfriend cares about you, even you very materialistic demands. As I just said, he may just care what you eat today, what time you go to bed, what are your favorite foods. Because, above all that, he does care about you with his HEART.

A true boyfriend should “feel” you. I mean he should knows all about you, even the badness. He doesn’t criticize, he will just simply laugh at it and plan to help you improve yourself.

A true boyfriend should want to make you happy. All the time. This sticks in his mind. Your being upset can hurt him. And a true boyfriend has thousands of nonsense stories just to cheer you up. He’s also likely to pull off the nonsense person inside you so that both of you could laugh about everything together.

A true boyfriend should love spending time with you. No doubt. If he doesn’t, you guys are just not the right people for each other. Spending time with you to him doesn’t need to be “doing something”, just simply lean over to each other, feel the hear-beat (did I go too far? haha), listen to music, read books, share some random thoughts, just softly and silently like that.

A true boyfriend would care about those who you love. He knows that making them happy is making you happy, he doesn’t mind going some extra miles just to see your smiles.

I’ve made some of my points here while hoping that I myself can meet some sort of true boyfriend one day :). What’s your opinion on this?