Healthy living

I have started living slowlier for a few months so far. Particularly, I quit work and working as a freelancer now, working on literally WHATEVER I LIKE, leisurely, and of course, I do blogging. Since then, I’ve got more time to read books, research on the subjects that I was dying to know, pay attentions to family members, friends, relationship as well as support them whenever they need my help, and last but not least, I’ve got some time to THINK. Consequently, the world seems slowlier than ever. We “sip” each other bit by bit. And these sips cannot be more interesting. I see the world, I see myself, to some certain level, which was hard to see when I was working my ass off at the office and come home damn late just to get the rest of the day done and to start another nasty morning hating getting back to work. Now I enjoy getting around Ho Chi Minh City on a bus or Uber/Grab taxi, seeing things on the road side with my eyes wide-open and having no fear of bike accidents, my mind is much free to wander, reckon. (I really wish that public transportation will soon be more popularly used in Vietnam, currently, lots of people stick to personal vehicle.) I’ve also got to walk more, and I do enjoy walking between to bus stations. I never know walking could be this comfy and regret that I took too long to realize bus is a very good option to travel around Sai Gon. Getting by  bus may cause some passivity and take a bit longer time, however, I don’t really mind, since I am the Queen of Time right now. OK I was far away from the healthy living topic. Thanks to the slow living, I have my brain “rested while working”, meaning letting it heading to a deeper level of everything (working-without rushing too much while seeing just the surface of problems like it did before), meanwhile it takes more time to rest thanks to our slowly lifestyle, I’ve actually felt so relaxed. And stress equals almost zero. Bye bye to stress and nightmares. We all know how stress is harmful to our physical body as well as our mind right? Accept it or not, we only need a happy life at the end of the day. Don’t believe that we just need to be happy, not rich or well-recognized or high social position? Watch this TED talk here about a longest study on happiness, at the old age, people don’t find that fame, hardworking-ness or wealth important, it’s happiness which needs to be considered as a top life goal. And the talk also reveals how to achieve happiness and healthier status (transcript here).

Do you want to slow down to achieve happier and healthier life?