My challenge – Day 6

Hey guys,

So I skipped one day yesterday of the challenge. Gonna make it up tomoro for a full 7-day challenge 😅. Its never easy to make something become a daily habit. We would get thousands of reasons to refuse doing that some day 😔. Today Im going more basic with just a blouse and black denim pair. Ive got bad hair day today actually. Gonna try out the egg yolk tip my friend Andy gave me the other day to see how its gonna work. After that maybe I will have another challenge called oneweektips. Oh no, cannot be. I actually think of hairstyles challenge. One week 7 styles.

Ok wont keep you guys here too long, here is my OOTD. Hope you enjoy.

Truc Vien (Cherrypie)


5 thoughts on “My challenge – Day 6

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