One week challenge – Day 5

Hi guys

Its my day 5 of my one week photo blogging challenge (OOTD). Today is jumpsuit and offshoulder top. Well, off shoulder top is still so hot till even now.

I shot these photos late afternoon today cos I had to find out how to copy photos from my iPhone to laptop. Hmm. Im defenitely no a tech person at all. Took me 2-3 hours to sink in that until my friend Andy the Savior randomly came online and rescued. What a good fate! Lovely life!

Hope you guys enjoy the photos. Ah, I made a short upclose video of my makeup as well. I tried new tips of makeup recently and found it works. These days are my best makeup days actually. The looks I created deliberately to be soft, not too much, I think it would be great for a dating session, since I know lots of men dont like much makeup on their partner.

Truc Vien (Cherrypie)


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