Rainy day (what to wear)

So welcome to the rainy season in Vietnam, starting from June to Sep. I actually don’t like traveling around Ho Chi Minh city in this season because of high possibility of getting stuck in the floods caused by monsoon rains. Anyway, let’s not talk about that lousy transportation infrastructure here, let’s move on the more romantic: fashion, and what to wear in such weather. I suppose that the status of weather is actually a very fun thing to play around when it comes to fashion. I woke up and had my brain work on what to wear while still rolling in the blanket. Thinking of an OOTD is comfy itself, not to mention being lazy and so cozy in my bed, especially in the bad weather days.

The other day it was drizzling, I felt that was perfect to put on this vivid color piece of yellow T-shirt from F21. Wanted to brighten up my day a little bit more, I grabbed my pastel pink cross-body bag bought from last Thailand trip. The weather also supported me to wear these not-used-for-a-long-time black boots. A pair of basic black jeans. And here it is. I love this look, but don’t really like my frizzy hair caused by the drizzle haha.






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