A real boyfriend


Hi girls,

In my last post, I’ve shared some of my opinions about love criteria.  Today, I’d like to narrow it down to how a true boyfriend would look like when in love with you.

You know, love is a heart thing. If things don’t come from heart then it’s not love. A true boyfriend should love you by his heart. Otherwise, you guys are just wasting time.

As I say, a true boyfriend is whole-hearted. He’s honest and he does everything for you by heart (yes, I would keep repeating “heart” 100 times). If he knows that you are craving for a piece of tiramisu cake while it’s raining like dog and cat, nothing could stop his way to you with a box of cake on his hand. Since you know, he has his heart attached to you, lady.

A true boyfriend cares about you, even you very materialistic demands. As I just said, he may just care what you eat today, what time you go to bed, what are your favorite foods. Because, above all that, he does care about you with his HEART.

A true boyfriend should “feel” you. I mean he should knows all about you, even the badness. He doesn’t criticize, he will just simply laugh at it and plan to help you improve yourself.

A true boyfriend should want to make you happy. All the time. This sticks in his mind. Your being upset can hurt him. And a true boyfriend has thousands of nonsense stories just to cheer you up. He’s also likely to pull off the nonsense person inside you so that both of you could laugh about everything together.

A true boyfriend should love spending time with you. No doubt. If he doesn’t, you guys are just not the right people for each other. Spending time with you to him doesn’t need to be “doing something”, just simply lean over to each other, feel the hear-beat (did I go too far? haha), listen to music, read books, share some random thoughts, just softly and silently like that.

A true boyfriend would care about those who you love. He knows that making them happy is making you happy, he doesn’t mind going some extra miles just to see your smiles.

I’ve made some of my points here while hoping that I myself can meet some sort of true boyfriend one day :). What’s your opinion on this?





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