I heard that in the Bible, there is a line to the effect that if we want to reach Heaven, our souls should be like children’s ones.

A child’s soul. Innocent and carefree.

In fact, a lot of us just cannot have our souls that purified. We have so much judgement and prejudice deep within… We see people and the world through filters of prejudices. Our brains keep working constantly to label those prejudices on someone or something we met. Most of us would be proud that those labels should be right, just as how it was right… And never think twice… We don’t know that we have been so wrong. Things change, people do change, the whole universe change. Even a cell, the cell of the one minute later is one totally different from the one of the previous minute… Since the elements inside it do move which caused changes! Not to mention a whole human, a whole city, country or a whole race. Why must we need to label, then treating each others unfairly…? Labeling someone bad, we treat them badly. Labeling someone good, we give them love, respect and preference. For case 1, how many of us have done a poor judgement on people and regretted afterwards…? And have anyone realized that labeling don’t work all the time…? For case 2, have we ever treated someone so well that later on we realized they just don’t deserve any bit of our love, our respect? Prejudice is always dangerous. It does hurt ourselves and other people.

Lately I’ve tried my best to stay away from personal judgement and often take note to myself that being biased can just make us partially blind. However, unfortunately, prejudice is always way easier than a thorough investigation and compassion practice. Since it’s just right there to grab.

OK, too much of the headache things already, just want to share with you guys some photo-shoot throwback made in 2014, when I was still young and pretty and silly. Hehe. I guess next post I’m writing about traveling instead…




2 thoughts on “Prejudice

  1. I like the way you express prejudice. Let have more feeling with ‘Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen’ 🌻🌻🌻

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