15 super-easy hairstyles for lazy girl (re-blog from Cosmopolitan)

These hairstyles are all awesome. I want to make time to try alllllll.

1. gallery-1436820155-flower-braid2gallery-1436816650-a-classy-ponygallery-1436820346-pretty-twisted4 gallery-1436817157-a-twisted-halo5 gallery-1436818486-double-knotted-pony6 gallery-1436820975-unpolished-bun7 gallery-1436820929-twisted-tousled-waves9 gallery-1436820863-side-braided-pony10 gallery-1436887026-voluminous-pony-tail11 gallery-1436820828-securely-side-swept12 gallery-1436820257-headband-halo13 gallery-1436820301-no-slip-bun14 gallery-1436820895-triple-topsy-tail15 gallery-1436887660-easy-intricate-braid


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