The filter

Our heart is pure as air. Our soul is quiet as a lake in autumn. Yet so many times we have a filter on our heart and soul. The filter can be sadness, pain, worries or depression. The filter may be thin or thick, easy to wipe off or not in a while. Most of the time, we treat people through the filter, especially when its too thick, we cannot hide it. We may keep thinking about the worries, that sadness, those pains while talking to others which make us not be able to concentrate 100% to the conversations. The filter, yes, simply is our feelings or emotions. Once we clean up the filter, we see us, our pure soul, pure heart. Then we treat people without any emotion or justice. Being with our heart our soul is being with the real US, without any prejudice on any one single thing.
I’ve myself got so many times having the filters layered on me. I often try to put it aside to concentrate on what needs to be concentrated, sometimes I won yet sometimes I failed so hard.
How about you?




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