The transition

I could barely imagine that since these few months my style has become much mature than 1-2 years ago. I’ve started doing the clearance for my wardrobe and hoping that I will invest in the more quality and “earnest” fashion pieces, instead of the trendy ones which may end up in another phase of my clearance. Lately I’ve been also gradually addicted to black. I wore black to the wedding, hanging out with friends and some OOTD shoots. I find black very safe and easy, not surprising to lots of people but to me, it is. I took more time in front of my wardrobe trying to find some pieces that don’t look too ridiculous on me, a 29 year-old lady. I’ve paid much more attention to the quality of the fashion pieces and not tend to compromise with the slapdash ones. I wore less accessories and started to stop thinking about my beautiful vivid headbands, turbans which are still somewhere in my drawers. I transferred lots of my accessories and clothes to my teenage cousins :(.

And after all, I am still a little bit shocked with the whole transition. I never thought it could happen this obviously. It feels like a whole turning phase of life! Getting older is painful, but knowing that we are getting older is even more painful.

Anyway, hereby I’ve got some photos I took yesterday, wearing a quite mature white shirt (I hope? Haha) and a office flare skirt. I needed to move around by bus then I opted for a pair of sneaker which can support me doing that with minimum hurt to my feet. I picked this minted blue cross-body bag to match with the blue hue of my skirt. Although I’ve got some vivid colors here, I tried to stay very safe with the rest you can see.

Let me know what you think about my look!


IMG_2366IMG_2368 IMG_2374IMG_2407IMG_2413IMG_2383IMG_2396IMG_2387


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