A place to remind

Its too good to have some super sadness yet romance within your soul. That sadness is all over the place within you, you can easily feel the pain in your heart and the emptiness it causes, however later on when you are used to it, it becomes so sweet and sometimes you may need it for the inspiration and self reminding. By the time you notice, that hurt is already well stirred inside your spirit. That is also the moment when you get over it to some certain extent.

I have this romantic tourism place which often reminds me of the first love. Unfortunately coincidentally, that location is too sad yet beautiful. More tourism info about this spot below while this sadness is eating me up. It is called Da Lat city. The city locates on highland which makes the weather here always cool and quite cold from year-end to Feb, Mar, this is opposite to most of the other typical tropical and humid cities around Vietnam (for ex Ho Chi Minh City). The coldness itself is sadness. The city has a beautiful lake in the center reflecting one part of the city under the water. Lots of hills and mountains within and outside Da Lat. Getting around the city on feet meaning going up and down the hills, actually a very good session of exercise in late afternoon for locals as well as tourists. Da Lat is also considered of The city of Thousands of Flowers, many species of flowers are grown here for tourism purpose. And specially, the ladies here have the fair skin which makes most of them look so pretty and gentle (I know lots of people love may honey skin but in Vietnam a lot of us do prefer fairer tone).
The lake, the trees, the hills, flowers, the girls and an unacceptably too blue sky set up a picturesque appearance of Da Lat. I collect some pictures from Internet to show down here.
colonial architecture tour da lat
Dalat 1 day tour
doi thong da lat 1 75556 zoom
Such beauty by no means cannot be the fave tourism location for a lot of people, including both locals and foreigners. Indeed, many couples have picked it for the vacations. You are right, I did that too. That’s why I cant help myself thinking about those moments whenever my mind flashes this place. OK. No words (of mine) can further describe the prettiness of this floral city . Let’s take a look of the scenery again (above) if you like, hereby I’d like to attach some of the fashion photos I took few years ago in Da Lat as well.
I am quite a fan of layering, then of course I will not miss any single opportunity playing with the pieces whenever I can. And my top tip of layering in cool weather is a pair of black legging sock. It is so useful in all cases, I can wear legging sock with either a pair of short, short flare skirt or a body-con skirt. I often love to wear a basic top underneath my coat. Another of my fav piece for winter is scarf.
Let’s take a look of my fashion photos through out the years and let me know what you think!




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