I went to the funeral of my friend’s Dad today. Her Dad lived 81 years and died of lung cancer yesterday. There was only 20 short days for the family since they received the bad news of his last-stage cancer till his passing away. My friend took me to take a look at his face in the coffin, before it will be brought to the cemetery a few days later. Luckily, I did find the smile on his face. His face looks surprisingly peaceful. This may mean he has released to leave the world behind, and maybe he was happy to have all his kids around him at the very last moment of life. Nothing can beat that, the last happy moment, instead of being angry, sad or worried about someone, or about the death itself. Don’t every of us just want to take the last breath in that smile? Isn’t that each of us want to leave the world with a pure heart, as if we’re already done with the earth as well as our duty with the family, friends, soul mate, now that its time to reach the Heaven for our own happy endings? So what should we do to get the smile on our faces during our last breath have you ever thought about? Well, the answer from me is simple. I believe that the only way is to always keep smiling every single moment and have our souls eased all the time, try our best to help people and have no regret later on, demand less care more. With all that, we feel more peace and easier life. Because who knows when is our last moment right?

I pray for my friend’s Dad, to quickly reach by his Buddha, with that great smile and his pure beautiful soul.

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