I suddenly thinking of putting something a bit reckless, thinking of trying to show that I-dont-care. I hope someone may care about this attitude of mine? Haha. Alright. If I don’t care, then you don’t care, and noone cares. No problems. 😛

Well, it’s just I want to have some big different, inside out lol. So I tossed the girly things today, to put on this black “reckless” shirt (I hope it has the mood of reckless, just hope, haha) and plus some additional “careless” pieces are those baggy jeans and the “ugly shoes”. I think now I’m not only reckless but also ugly enough huh? Haha.

Ok. To be honest, I think my previous photos was quite plain and had boring colors, I was actually hungry for more impressive effects/colors for my photos so I’ve decided to learn using Light room. This is officially my 1st batch of editing the colors.

Hope you enjoy the photos.


IMG 2042 3

IMG 1983 2

IMG 1984 3

IMG 2113 2

IMG 2045 3

IMG 2111 2

IMG 2183 2

IMG 2122 3

IMG 2142 2



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