Mermaid (Stephen Chow’s film review)

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Hi guys,

I just watched Mermaid the other night (for those who don’t know, Mermaid is the most recent movie directed by famous Hong Kong comedy director Stephen Chow).  The first impression came to me is that the movie was quite short, surprisingly short. I don’t mention the timing here since I don’t even know how long it lasts (about more than 1 hour I guess), I was mentioning the quite short and simple plot it has. I was surprised and waiting for what happened next when it came to the end. However, I still like it despite the sudden end to me. Here are some of the points I like about the movie:

  1. The hero and heroine both are handsome and beautiful. The movie is not that long but they both delivered the emotions quite good, esp. the man, from zero to hero hehe.
  2. The comedy. Yes. It is always fun to watch Stephen’s movie.  For ex., in the movie, that time when Mr. Octopus standing upside down from the ceiling, asking Ms. Mermaid to look into his eyes and tell him that she doesn’t love Lix Xuan, Octopus turned one round before looking back into Mermaid eyes, and one more round slowly, and one more round, then he suddenly shouted out to ask who turned on the ceiling fan! Till now I’ve never known any other directors who can beat him regarding the humor in “Stephen style”. If you know, please share with me!!
  3. The set-up. There was a setup of the mermaids’ shelter. It was as good and similar as the setup in Journey to the West he made in 2013. The village is just quite like all fishing villages in Asia, and it’s so lively in his movie.
  4. The camera shots. There are some shots with very good angles from the top of the sea. The sea looks really pretty.
  5. Last but not least, the movie is actually a message of environment protection. Stephen doesn’t bother to put at the beginning of the movie that footage of sea pollution, erosion, to make the message stronger and call for action.

The movie content is OK. I recommend to watch it for once, if you are a fan of comedy. Despite the message is not new, the movie in general is quite relaxing and somehow romantic.For me, once watching this is enough, I’d rather watch the other movies of his till the 2nd or even 3th, 4th time. 🙂

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