The lack

Hi guys

Today my outfit includes a black T-shirt which has two separated wings (please refer to the photos to get what I mean), denim shorts and white sandals. Due to some personal reasons, currently I’m lacking of a lot of my clothes and accessories, that’s why some of the pieces are repeated. Anyway, I think its good since I will try all ways to create the new looks with repeated pieces. I’m still fine with the lack indeed. Hope you guys don’t mind.

I actually love my look today, I cannot just describe it in one words, a bit modern, a bit boho, oh, i guess urban is something that can call my look. Also, I played with some eye shadow today, just the pink and brown one. However, the makeup turned out better than I expected. I find my makeup today is nicer and catchier than the last four days’ makeup.

Let me know what you think about this!



IMG 1808
IMG 1778 2
IMG 1788 2
IMG 1791 2
IMG 1828 2
IMG 1844 2
IMG 1851 2
IMG 1842

IMG 1831 2

IMG 1814 2


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