It’s raining here, making everything so bleak here… My mind just flashed the friend who just went through her Dad’s funeral in my last post, she must be feeling so depressed…

Well, let’s change to what I intend to write about today. I actually had another OOTD photo shoot this morning. I quite like it then picked up to 20 photos,that is a lot more than anytime, since its too many, I’m still in the process of editing them, I don’t think I can make it today. Also, I want to have diversified topics for my posts, not just fashion shoot, so today I’d like to upload this post of Minimalism which I came across and collected yesterday, coincidentally that I pumped into 02 articles about this topic last night, one about fine art and one about fashion. Let’s scroll down to enjoy the photos.

P/S: To those who are not familiar, here is a very short definition of minimalism I’ve got from Google:

In the visual arts and music, minimalism is a style that uses pared-down design elements. 

A minimalist is one who practices minimalism in life/music/art…

My quick thought about minimalism: I’d rather live as a minimalist to avoid too much noise, chaos out there in the world. But in terms of fashion, I personally think it’s plain to not put onto our outfits any accessories (yup, because I’m kinda accessories addict) although these pictures down there look quite good.

What do you think?


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Minimalism Gợi ý phối đồ đẹp theo phong cách tối

Minimalism Gợi ý phối đồ đẹp theo phong cách tối

Minimalism Gợi ý phối đồ đẹp theo phong cách tối

Minimalism Gợi ý phối đồ đẹp theo phong cách tối

Minimalism Gợi ý phối đồ đẹp theo phong cách tối

Minimalism Gợi ý phối đồ đẹp theo phong cách tối

Minimalism Gợi ý phối đồ đẹp theo phong cách tối

Minimalism Gợi ý phối đồ đẹp theo phong cách tối
upload gambar

Minimalism Gợi ý phối đồ đẹp theo phong cách tối
Minimalism Gợi ý phối đồ đẹp theo phong cách tối

Photo sources:

  1. Artwork:
  2. Fashion: Elle Magazine (Vietnam)


I went to the funeral of my friend’s Dad today. Her Dad lived 81 years and died of lung cancer yesterday. There was only 20 short days for the family since they received the bad news of his last-stage cancer till his passing away. My friend took me to take a look at his face in the coffin, before it will be brought to the cemetery a few days later. Luckily, I did find the smile on his face. His face looks surprisingly peaceful. This may mean he has released to leave the world behind, and maybe he was happy to have all his kids around him at the very last moment of life. Nothing can beat that, the last happy moment, instead of being angry, sad or worried about someone, or about the death itself. Don’t every of us just want to take the last breath in that smile? Isn’t that each of us want to leave the world with a pure heart, as if we’re already done with the earth as well as our duty with the family, friends, soul mate, now that its time to reach the Heaven for our own happy endings? So what should we do to get the smile on our faces during our last breath have you ever thought about? Well, the answer from me is simple. I believe that the only way is to always keep smiling every single moment and have our souls eased all the time, try our best to help people and have no regret later on, demand less care more. With all that, we feel more peace and easier life. Because who knows when is our last moment right?

I pray for my friend’s Dad, to quickly reach by his Buddha, with that great smile and his pure beautiful soul.

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IMG 2206 2

IMG 2277 2

IMG 2281 2

IMG 2223 2

IMG 2284 2


I suddenly thinking of putting something a bit reckless, thinking of trying to show that I-dont-care. I hope someone may care about this attitude of mine? Haha. Alright. If I don’t care, then you don’t care, and noone cares. No problems. 😛

Well, it’s just I want to have some big different, inside out lol. So I tossed the girly things today, to put on this black “reckless” shirt (I hope it has the mood of reckless, just hope, haha) and plus some additional “careless” pieces are those baggy jeans and the “ugly shoes”. I think now I’m not only reckless but also ugly enough huh? Haha.

Ok. To be honest, I think my previous photos was quite plain and had boring colors, I was actually hungry for more impressive effects/colors for my photos so I’ve decided to learn using Light room. This is officially my 1st batch of editing the colors.

Hope you enjoy the photos.


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IMG 1983 2

IMG 1984 3

IMG 2113 2

IMG 2045 3

IMG 2111 2

IMG 2183 2

IMG 2122 3

IMG 2142 2


Mermaid (Stephen Chow’s film review)

stephen chow themermaidfilmwb
Hi guys,

I just watched Mermaid the other night (for those who don’t know, Mermaid is the most recent movie directed by famous Hong Kong comedy director Stephen Chow).  The first impression came to me is that the movie was quite short, surprisingly short. I don’t mention the timing here since I don’t even know how long it lasts (about more than 1 hour I guess), I was mentioning the quite short and simple plot it has. I was surprised and waiting for what happened next when it came to the end. However, I still like it despite the sudden end to me. Here are some of the points I like about the movie:

  1. The hero and heroine both are handsome and beautiful. The movie is not that long but they both delivered the emotions quite good, esp. the man, from zero to hero hehe.
  2. The comedy. Yes. It is always fun to watch Stephen’s movie.  For ex., in the movie, that time when Mr. Octopus standing upside down from the ceiling, asking Ms. Mermaid to look into his eyes and tell him that she doesn’t love Lix Xuan, Octopus turned one round before looking back into Mermaid eyes, and one more round slowly, and one more round, then he suddenly shouted out to ask who turned on the ceiling fan! Till now I’ve never known any other directors who can beat him regarding the humor in “Stephen style”. If you know, please share with me!!
  3. The set-up. There was a setup of the mermaids’ shelter. It was as good and similar as the setup in Journey to the West he made in 2013. The village is just quite like all fishing villages in Asia, and it’s so lively in his movie.
  4. The camera shots. There are some shots with very good angles from the top of the sea. The sea looks really pretty.
  5. Last but not least, the movie is actually a message of environment protection. Stephen doesn’t bother to put at the beginning of the movie that footage of sea pollution, erosion, to make the message stronger and call for action.

The movie content is OK. I recommend to watch it for once, if you are a fan of comedy. Despite the message is not new, the movie in general is quite relaxing and somehow romantic.For me, once watching this is enough, I’d rather watch the other movies of his till the 2nd or even 3th, 4th time. 🙂

IMG 1241 2

Being girly

Hi guys,

Today I try to be girly by picking this super lady pink dress with hem.

As I told you guys that due to some personal reasons, I don’t have a lot of fashion pieces here with me. Im so sad that I can put on the bracelets, rings, bags… to finish the looks. However today, I’m trying to make this look a bit more weird (hehe) by using a colorful scarf as my hairband. Yes, now you know I’m actually obsessed of hair accessories.

Let me know what ya think about the look!



IMG 1858


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IMG 1887 2

IMG 1903 2

IMG 1955 2

IMG 1968 2

IMG 1889 2

IMG 1943 2

IMG 1944 2

The lack

Hi guys

Today my outfit includes a black T-shirt which has two separated wings (please refer to the photos to get what I mean), denim shorts and white sandals. Due to some personal reasons, currently I’m lacking of a lot of my clothes and accessories, that’s why some of the pieces are repeated. Anyway, I think its good since I will try all ways to create the new looks with repeated pieces. I’m still fine with the lack indeed. Hope you guys don’t mind.

I actually love my look today, I cannot just describe it in one words, a bit modern, a bit boho, oh, i guess urban is something that can call my look. Also, I played with some eye shadow today, just the pink and brown one. However, the makeup turned out better than I expected. I find my makeup today is nicer and catchier than the last four days’ makeup.

Let me know what you think about this!



IMG 1808
IMG 1778 2
IMG 1788 2
IMG 1791 2
IMG 1828 2
IMG 1844 2
IMG 1851 2
IMG 1842

IMG 1831 2

IMG 1814 2


Hi guys, so this is my 4th post within 4 days. I am really exciting to do the shoot every day like how I am doing now.

Today, I pull out this kind of misunderstanding outfit. I consider it as misunderstanding since you really need to look at the total look to judge whether I look like an officer or just another playful street styler. Last night I pumped into a similar look on Pinterest, so I took out my blazer, short, vest top, and voilà! Hope you guys will enjoy this lok.

What do you think about my outfits? I’d love to hear. And do you guys have any styling request for me? I will try my best. Thanks for reading!


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IMG 1622 2

IMG 1717 2

IMG 1653 2

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