Paint my life to the fullest

Hi there,

I often find myself ALWAYS try to add some more colorful accessories to a basic (white, black or grey) outfits. For me, the color would make the outfit more brightened and less boring (But I totally don’t deny the perfect elegant feeling that those colors can bring to us for some certain times and certain styles). I especially always try to find reasons to have the colors pop up on my outfit, like: “It’s Monday, let’s make it bright and less serious” or “Well, it’s weekend, lets have some things really brightened and colorful”. Haha. Yes, my colleagues all agree that noone (from the office) can really beat me when it comes to colorize the outfits. I get it as a compliment, since I think at least I can create my “trademark”.

Hope you enjoy my photos.


CherrypieIMG 4299

IMG 4356

IMG 4402

IMG 4396

IMG 4374

IMG 4342


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