Rhythm of the rain

So finally the South of Vietnam has made its way to the most rainy period of the year. However, in Ho Chi Minh city, there isn’t much rain as usually. Sometimes, there are some monsoon rains though. Gradually, after 10 years living in HCMC, I’ve found that the rain lessens these years and due to the climate change, the rains are much more random.

I came to this beach city – Vung Tau – over the recent weekend. A bit unlike the weather in HCMC, the rain was more persistent. The first day I came, the rain started from 4pm something till midnight. The next day it rained from 12pm till night as well, making this city over the weekend so sad and it’s harder for me to move around the city or visit the tourism spots. For the very last day of my trip, although I attempted to wake up early to watch the sunrise, I failed due to the cloudy weather.

Anyway, despite the rain, I have these satisfying photo shoots around my hotel and along the beach.

Enjoy my very 1st photo shoot of the trip.


CherrypieIMG 4094

IMG 4093IMG 4091IMG 4096

IMG 4082

IMG 4072

IMG 4064

IMG 4062a


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