3 in 1

Hi everyone

It was my bad to skip 03 posts for the recent 02 weeks. I am currently joining a design night class after full time 8-hour working. Arriving at home at almost 10pm every night (except weekend) makes it so hard to keep my promises (02 posts/week) 😛

In this post I am showing 03 different looks of the same outfit, actually accessory-different looks.

1) Wearing a croptop with my favourite bubble-dotted highlow skirt: To keep everything simple and keep the girly level at its lowest, I opted for an easy pony tail. Since my upper part (face and neck) was quite simple, I picked a golden statement necklace to balance everything out.

IMG 2539 psd

IMG 2530 psd

IMG 2565 psd

IMG 2570 psd

IMG 2583 psd

IMG 2585 psd

2) Putting off the backpack and switch the look in to a night look by picking an evening clutch and glamorous pair of earings

IMG 2653 psdIMG 2635 psd

IMG 2615 psdIMG 2670 psd

IMG 2640 psd

IMG 2655 psd

3) I admit that I tried hard to have this look haha. But isn’t it cool to have this super girly look sometimes when you’d feel like to? Just put on a floral headband, you would be your own fairy in your own Wonderland. By the way, I’ve got this headband from Sheinside.com.

IMG 2685 psd

IMG 2694 psd

So, it’s a 3 in 1 look. What do you think?

Thanks for reading.


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