Be mindful

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Hello my reader!

It’s been 01 whole year since my last post. Wow. I can believe its this fast! It also means that I’ve been moving to new office for one year. (Well, I should celebrate my 1st year of new office.)

My new job is less hectic than the previous ones, so I’ve got chance to learned about new things and be proactive for loads of work and knowledge. My new colleagues are also really fun and helpful. Regarding last job, I was like drowning in a workload flood, I can hardly mingle with my colleagues due to my heavy schedule and I often went out of office for my work, all I can do is just working my arse off just to make sure that I fulfilled all the work requirement. I didn’t have much fun with such a hectic job, to be honest.

So, when it comes to work, I’ve got this from my 5 year working experience is to pick a job that you can totally balance yourself among the needs of having time of yourself, having time to have fun with your colleagues (come on, you spend nearly all of your life there, why not having some fun to flush away the stress that daily problems may bring to you?) having time to learn, experience new things and most important, having time to mindful of what you’re doing, and last but not least, having time to enjoy you own work.

Take a look at my outfit this week. I hope you guys will like it.

I will try to have 02 posts/week in the upcoming time, really looking forward to your support and motivation. xoxo (I’m really sorry about some blurry photos here, I will try to make it clearer next time, hope you don’t mind this!)


IMG 0421

IMG 0491

IMG 0425

IMG 0446

IMG 0507

An over-excited moment of mineIMG 0524


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