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I wore this outfit to go to the cinema and watch RIO 2. I believe many of you guys already watched this right? It’s quite fun, except for the fact that we could only pick up the dubbed version at that time. I think the original would be nice since there are a lot of songs in the movies.

Back to the movie, what do you think about it? Fun, right? I especially love those supporting actors, the 03 birds following Blu, Nigel the cruel bird. I can’t help laughing too much. To me, this part is even better than the 1st part.

Anyway, this movie has a very familiar story line in comparison of the other American animated movies. The main characters get in the internal problem (hereby, Blu couldn’t catch up with the new life in an Amazon forest – his wife’s hometown, and he is even almost isolated with his being unhelpful and his, well, domesticated behaviors.). And then the whole forest gets into the trouble when some human wants to benefit from the wood, Blu and the whole family need to cooperate to fight against these bad guys. And certainly they win. After that, the internal problem is solved and everything goes fine.

Wow, such a dreamy story right? We cannot get that much in real life. But I believe that things will go best when we try best. 🙂 Hope you enjoy my photos!








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Navel of the Universe


Hello my readers,

Today I am back with this kind of playful outfit: cropped top, jeans and colorful accessories. Actually this is not the most updated outfit of mine, I wore this a few months ago for a movie with my friend, well, at this time I joined some belly dance class for 02 month already, my tummy looked a lot better than at the present haha. It was a nice blue sky day, so I decided to pick something really colorful and playful to add in my black and grey outfit, so I came up with these necklaces and sandals, and especially, the brownie backpack which I love a lot! Enjoy those photos and let me know what you think about this outfit!













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As young as dawn


Wearing this outfit, I believe that I look a lot younger than what actually I am. Yes, and I really hope so, hope to be forever young teheee.

At this point of my life, I suddenly have the very often recall of my chilhood. I’ve started collected those memories which I can memorize, as much as I can. I am kind of a forgetful girl, I really feel bad for those memories I’ve no longer kept in my mind. Anyway, not any of us won’t miss about our childhood right? What do you miss the most about your childhood? Can you share with me and the readers?

For me, I miss my Grandmother. So far, its been 6 years since her passing away. It was just a turning point in my life, in terms of family love and concern. I began appreciating the connection between our family members, and did become more sensitive about the living. I did live a time trying not to hurt my family members. I didn’t want to regret at the end, like I did regret I didn’t visit and see and talk to my Grand-mom more and more, I didn’t even know she was looking forward to our siblings’ visit that much. Oh, I love her.

However, living and trying not to hurt people is hard, don’t you agree with me?

Sorry I’ve gone too far from where I started. Generally, I just want to be BACK, to the past. I believe that everyone, when reaching some point of their life, will feel like me at this time.

Back to my outfit, I notice recently, there is a trend of coming back to jeans jumpsuit, so I pulled out this old jumpsuit ant  throw on. It doesn’t look outdated at all right? 🙂 So can we say that denim is always trendy and amazing? 🙂