Vung Tau (Part 2)

Hi there,

I’m back, to continue where I’ve left off in my last part.

Day 2 in Vung Tau: Free buffet in the hotel – Swimming pool – Resting in the hotel – Lunch – Lighthouse – Swimming and flying a kite at the Back beach – Back to hotel – Dinner – Greyhound racing & nosh.

Ky Hoa is considered as a 3.5-4 star hotel. But I think their buffet service is not that standard. Little food variety. Buffet time limitation from 6:30AM something to 9AM (which I really hate about lots of hotel in Vietnam, whoever go for a vacation and need to get up early before 7PM to have a not-used-up-yet breakfast???). I also noticed that they never supplied more food to the container when it’s 8:30AM, nearly 9:00AM! Waiters are few, they rarely cleared the finished dishes.

But it’s OK. We still had fun having breakfast since we woke up before 7AM. 🙂

After breakfast, we had a very fun swimming section, especially with our little baby.


IMG_5434Way to the swimming pool, our room is on the right.


IMG_5437Flower in the hotel yard

IMG_5443My sister and brother-in-law and the 1-year-old baby

 IMG_5484 IMG_5986

After the swimming session, we intended to visit Bạch Dinh (White Palace) but the baby was, unfortunately, sleeping, so we had to skip this place and had to take a rest in the room instead, until the baby woke up.

Bạch Dinh locates very near my hotel, in the Front Beach. This villa was built as a summer holiday house for a French Governor.


(Photo from Internet)

We woke up for lunch, yay! Another seafood lunch at Cây Bàng restaurant, which is 5 mins driving from the hotel.

This is a sea-view restaurant as well.


Our bill for 6 persons is 800,000 VND (around 40USD) which was double expensive in comparison with the dinner last night.

I recommend Lẩu cá bóp (Fish Bóp hotpot).IMG_5544 IMG_5548My Dad

After the nice lunch, we headed to the Light House, which locates on Bai Sau (Back Beach) and then the Back Beach for swimming.

Way to the Lighthouse, it takes around 10mins to go up from the ground. They say people can go hiking here, but I don’t recommend doing this when you are alone or with 1 or 2 people. It’s very dangerous because of few residence and many threats of robbery.


We are super amused with this tree, can you guess what? Cotton tree!


“The lighthouse affords a panoramic view of the whole of Vung Tau and is a really interesting site. No ticket is needed, but tourists are required to pay 4,000 VND per visit.” (wikitravel). In fact, we were just requested to pay for our taxi’s parking at 0.5USD.

The toilet is quite dirty and abandoned :'(.



You can have your portrait drawn by this man, at 5USD/person.


View from the Light House:IMG_5603 IMG_5611

-Me and the baby at the foot of the Light House – the highest place of the Light House all tourists are allowed to get to. (Meaning we are not allowed to get up there on the top, I suppose the workers are working there right? :))
IMG_5624 IMG_5640

View from another side of the Light House:


After the sightseeing on Light House, we quickly had our clothes changed in that dirty toilet 😦 and got straight to the Back Beach to swimmmmmmm. We told the taxi driver to drop us somewhere crowded. Yay, and there it was, our beach. Remember what I said in the last post, Vung Tau beach is not a very clear beach, so don’t expect too much :).

 IMG_5709 IMG_5729 IMG_5744

First time I flied a kite!!! It’s very windy here, flying kite is a super good choice, instead of playing ball.IMG_5746 IMG_5833 IMG_5907


We got back to the hotel for showering. After that, we went for dinner and greyhound racing! I’m going to tell you a very good food we had for that dinner: Pigeon Porrigde.

Place I ate: 56 Đồ Chiểu street – 10 mins of driving from our hotel.

The porridge is cooked while being served, when it’s boiled enough, we put the veges, bean-spouts to the pot to cook together. Don’t worry about when the porridge is cooked well, a guy of the restaurant will help you doing this.


I think the Chinese people would know this, this is you char kway. To those who don’t know, this is a fried breadstick. In Ho Chi Minh city, very often, we cut this into smaller pieces and put it into porridge or some certain kind of noodle like Bánh canh cua (Crab tapioca noodles). It tastes nice!25878245_ai1hZatmV-t-F2Mvhun_uHMtr1v52tAd5vxG2Y8qkpY

The porridge is yum!

We headed for the stadium for Greyhound race!  The ticket is 60,000VND/person (~3USD). The stadium is LAM SƠN stadium, locates at 15 Lê Lợi. We can walk from the dining place. This is big stadium, not as I imagined haha.

The greyhound occur every Fri and Sat. Each night there would be 10 rounds of racing. We came in late when the 3rd round just started, we watched the race for the next 4 rounds and got off. We are not gamblers hehe. For more information, I quote from “Visitors can legally bet on winners, exacta betting, or trifecta betting. In Exacta, the bettor chooses first and second place finishers in order. The Trifecta is the same but also includes third place. Minimum bets are VND10,000.

Gamblers usually consult a programme describing each participating dog and their performance records.”

I feel poor the dogs!

We had some Rau má đậu xanh (Centella smoothie with green beans) which was really nice. Recommended address: Bà Già shop, on Đồ Chiểu str (where we had pigeon porridge).

Đồ Chiểu street is actually a food area. You can totally explore this area by yourself!

Then we got back to the hotel and slept!

Day 3: Free breakfast in hotel – Swimming pool – Lunch – BUS back to Ho Chi Minh city

We had Bánh khọt, a signature dish of Vung Tau for lunch. We intended to have Bánh khọt Bà Hai (Ms. Hai’s Bánh khọt) on Trần Đồng street, but it was close then, we, recommended by the taxi driver, got straight to Cô Ba Vũng Tàu (Ms. Ba). This restaurant has quite a few branches in Ho Chi Minh city already, so, nothing special! 🙂

Bánh khọt is popular in the South of Vietnam, it is a round, fried rice flour pancake which we serve with green veges and sweet fish sauce. Hmmm, I’m hungry.


This post is quite long already . Hope you enjoyed reading it. Actually, to me, Vung Tau is quite a nice city, except for the dirty beach and some cheats by vendors at weekend. It’s worth your trying! 🙂



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