Vung Tau (Part 1)

Hi everyone,

I just had a 3-day-2-night trip with my family members to Vung Tau last weekend (from 20Mar-22Mar2014). I’ve come here for several times, my impression about this city is that this is a pure city with a beautiful road along the beach, one side is covered by mountainous area, one side is the amazingly vast sea;  plus, Vung Tau beach is kind of an urbanized beach. These characteristics create the specialty for this beach city.

Ha_Long_Road_in_Vungtau (from Internet)

(Photo from Internet)

To be honest, Vung Tau beach is not a nice one, it’s even quite dirty and polluted, since, yes, it is urbanized as I said. Every weekend, thousands of people from Ho Chi Minh city and nearby areas flock into this beach – the nearest beach within Southern area of Vietnam, only 2-hour of driving from Ho Chi Minh City.

And another bad point about this city, if you’re a tourist, you’ve often got to be stung by the vendors, by the unknown restaurants. So be sure that you know well about where you’re going to have your meals and other services.

However, excepting those 02 points, there are a lot of good things you can experience in Vung Tau. I’m going to list down exactly what I have done in the trip, my recommendation… I write this for both local and foreign travelers, who may know less than me about this city :).

My itinerary: Ho Chi Minh City – Vung Tau

My transportation: BUS (Brand: Mai Linh)

Duration: 02 hours

How to buy: Phone Mai Linh bus office or get straight to Southern Area Bus Station (Bến Xe Miền Đông)

Ticket price: 90.000VND/one way ~ 4,5USD (update to Mar14)

Day 1: Arriving at hotel – Take rest – Lunch – Cable car to the Mountain – Sunset and Ice Cream – Back to Hotel – Dinner – Double-bike riding and walking along the Back Beach (Bai Sau)

We arrived at the hotel at around 10AM. Our hotel is Ky Hoa 4-star hotel, locates in Front Beach (Bai Truoc). Quick explanation, Bai Truoc (Front beach) locates in the center of the city, where lots of people come here to watch the sunset; lots of boats stay here. Bai Sau (Back beack) is the extended area of Bai Truoc, it is also called Thùy Vân beach because its locates on Thùy Vân road, where people come for swimming the most.

Back to my hotel, we’d got a suite room for our hotel to live in. Its well-equipped with kitchen and a bar table. We didn’t really cook though.


 (Photo from Internet)


 (Photo from Internet)

Full view of Hotel Ky Hoa:

IMG_5408This is my Mom.

254996_130118112317183_STD (Photo from Internet)

Ky Hoa Hotel Vung Tau

 (Photo from Internet)

This hotel has very nice exterior design actually, everything is OK, however, I’m not going to recommend it to you, it’s not that 100% perfect to me and you may also experience some little things that are not satisfying like I did. So it’s just upon your decision! 🙂

We had a snack with some foods we brought along and skipped the main lunch because we were all full then. We slept until 2pm, then we woke up and started our adventure!

We headed to the Cable car center firstly in that afternoon. It was Thursday and we paid 100,000VND/person (~5USD) for 02-way cable car and free visit at the Flower Garden, on the top a mountain (where they also have a theme park here, but this fee doesn’t include the entrance to theme park; and if you want to play in the theme park, should go on Fri and weekend).

View from Cable car, its beautiful:


Our photos at the Flower garden, on top of the mountain where we can view the whole city:

IMG_5270 IMG_5276 IMG_5290


On the way back to cable car station, we are really sliding down back to the ground:

IMG_5302 IMG_5308 IMG_5309 IMG_5310 IMG_5311

After getting off from the cable car, it was near 5pm, we headed to find some ice-cream shop to enjoy something cool after a sweating trip and watch the beautiful sunset. Right in front of the cable car station, there are a lot of food vendors, I recommend to order fried seafood balls and ice-cream (they have Chewy Junior cake as well)!


 (Photo from Internet)


Enjoy the sunset at the right time!



IMG_5372 IMG_5388 IMG_5394

We got back to the hotel for some shower, after a sweating trip. Then we headed out for dinner, a seafood dinner, so excited!

THÀNH PHÁT II – was our destination. I ate here before, so I recommended this to my family. It took us around 10-min taxi trip to here, from Ky Hoa hotel. Very near. The bill for our whole dinner of 06 people was 500,000VND (~25USD), we enjoyed very fresh seafood, seaview.

Our order for your reference: Squid boiled with ginger, oyster porridge, Thai style clam, fried seafood noodle, veges dipped in kho quẹt sauce (a sauce made by cooking fish sauce and sugar). They are all nice. I recommend the squid boiled and oyster which is very refresh and yum!!


 (Photo from Internet)


 (Photo from Internet)

After finishing the dinner, we headed to Back Beach for riding double-bike, which took us around 20-25 min-taxi trip to get there from the dining place (Taxi fare is up to 300,000VND/1 way (~15USD) :'(. I don’t recommend going this far to Back Beach just for biking, and then finding this area quite quiet, dark since it was just Thu; moreover, to add in my disappointment, the bank which was under construction for these years hasn’t been finished, which caused a very messy look to Back beach. So, my advise is that you should combine to go somewhere as well since you went this far, and should go at weekend, when this area is stuffed with tourists! It would be more fun!

Double-biking at Back Beach:


I rented 02 double-bikes at 80,000VND/hour (~4USD) which I think is quite expensive since I didn’t bargain at all. You can keep bargaining about this, 30,000VND/bike/hour is acceptable.

After sweating bike riding, we headed back to hotel for rest.

See you in part 2, the remaining time of my family in Vung Tau.



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