Hi everybody,

Another week nearly ends. What have you achieved this week? 🙂

For me, I no longer have to go to work this week. Yes, I quit my job! Yayy! No more headache of budgeting tracking, and plan and proposal. But this doesn’t mean I have more spare time, I wake up everyday this week and find I have lots of things to do. My niece first birthday is coming this 16th Mar, 1 week later we will have a family trip together to Da Lat city – a nice highland city in the Middle of Vietnam. And I am also busy sharing my fashion, discussing with other beauty lovers on other forum other than this blog! I love that job, although I’ve had no money from that! 🙂

Well, today I pick up a more different-from-my-normal-look look. If any of you guys already searched around my blog for a while, you may know that my style is a bit feminine. This is considered as one of the break-my-style look. It is made by pairing a GUY white shirt and black skinny jeans.


This outfit may look edgy at first. But wait, coming a bit closer, you will see I’ve already added in something colorful into this, a statement necklace!




I love how this bunch of colors from my necklace pops up there. It helps the look less edgy and add in something fun to the whole outfit. You will feel totally refresh wearing this necklace! And this loose guy shirt as well!


Love this guy shirt so much. I have to say a white guy shirt should be a basic item in any girl’s wardrobe. It can be paired with a lot of bottoms and can be twisted in many ways. It can be worn with a pencil skirt, a skater skirt, a A shaped skirt! I’m quite sure they all will look perfect since this shirt is already cool itself.




I played another look with the original outfit, by adding a brown wide belt.



To create another look, I remain the original outfit, remove my necklace, and add in this soft silk scarf. There you go, a whole new look. This is the look that I’ve got the most compliments out of these 03 looks.Image




A last look, just a very basic look, when I pull all my shirt out of the pants.



What do you think about my look? Leave your comments below. Thanks for reading my post! 😉

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