Feeling good

Hello my readers,

It’s been a while since my last post.

Recently I was stuck in my job and have fell into continuously seriously bad mood, especially after Chinese New Year, the longest traditional holiday in Vietnam. Seriously I just want to be home with my parents, I wish CNY could last forever huhu.

And I finally managed to quit the job. I learn one thing from all this that life is super short, why am I wasting my time there doing the things I don’t like while my heart is somewhere else. After quitting my job, I’ve get to do something to achieve what I’ve really dreamt for. Will tell you that when I’ve done it, since they say: “Don’t count the chickens before they hatch” :).

Back to the photos, these are taken today, in a nearby park.

I could hardly imagine my today outfit will come out like this, or in another word, this is the first time I dress up like this. For me, this is a little break of my daily style.

A croptop + a (look-like) pajama pants + blazer seem never get together (for me) but today, they do!

The following is my most favorite shot of today.



I love flats recently, so I don’t need to suffer from the pain caused by walking long time in high heels.


OK. It’s obviously to see my big hips here hehe, I don’t mind this if I need to speak this out :P. And I learn today that: Big-hip girl shouldn’t opt for something like this: pajama pants + crop top, which can reveal this kind of imperfection (making your hip obviously bigger and your stomach HUGE! Look at my stomach haha)





I love the earrings to be added in this outfit!



Do you have any idea on this? Please feel free to comment below, I willl answer all of the comments as long as they are constructive!
I hope you enjoyed my writing and photos.