Enjoy sunset


Actually, there is not “sunset” there since there is no Sun J. It’s just a grey sky and a grey T-shirt girl standing over there J. Grey seems to be the color that really suits me, I’ve also got a great number of grey outfits in my wardrobe, but, to be honest, I don’t often like to pick grey for my working days. Recently my work is still overloading so I don’t feel comfortable to start a tough working day by picking such a “sorrowful color” to get to work.


However, I am out in a Saturday evening and heading for my boyfriend’s house. Grey seems to be great color to look modest among boyfriend’s members huh? Teeheeeeeee. And also, since grey is such a “modest color”, I add in this outfit a brighter element, it’s the shiny suede pink skater skirt.


Colorful accessories bought in Bali island


Lacy neckline








My boyfriend’s niece ❤

Hollis top, Vietnam local shop

Skater skirt, tailor-made

Accessory, Balinese local shop

Thanks for your attention on my look. If you have thought that you want to share with me, please leave a comment below J. If you are interested in my look and have accounts on Lookbook.nu & Chictopia.com, please go there and vote for me!


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