Glamorous holiday

Finally holiday is here! I’ve been waiting for so long to have a more-than-two-day weekend since my last 11-day vacation tee-heeeee. I hardly take annual leave coz actually I dont want to waste my precious day for nothing (Im sure if someday I take a random annual leave without any purpose or maybe just to take a rest, I will definitely end up really doing NOTHING, Im so sure I will be just stay on the couch sleeping for the whole day, waking up eating something and that would be all). So, meaning I will normally take annual leave if I already have some plan.1

Thats why it seems like I’ve been working non-stop since my last leaves from work. And thats why I was so excited for this 3-day holiday.2

Well, back to my look today, I have to confess that I totally lurveeee this high low lovely aqua color skirt. It can give me a really really feminine look especially when I pair it with the little light pink top. Isn’t that all ladies want to look feminine on a date huh? 🙂









What do you think about my look, please leave a comment below and if you like it, please also hype for me on and vote for me on Chictopia! Thank you for all your supports!


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