You are my treasure, will never let you go

It was a sunny afternoon and I decided to colorize a little bit for the last days of summer time. Anyway, there were nothing much colorful other than the earrings and the skirt huh? 🙂1B


This look popped up in my mind when I tried to think about something a bit funkier and more colorful than what I normally tend to be. Wearing like this is not already used to me I need to confess, if you know that I’m kind of a girl with more soft and gentle looks tee-heee2

I loved the little colorful bracelet, it doesnt look so bad matching with the colorful skirt huh? 🙂


I like how this look turned to be when I added on the sunnies. I look funky now huh? ^^A






What do you think about my look, please leave a comment below and if you like it, please also hype for me on and vote for me on Chictopia! Thank you for all your supports!


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