Little get-away

DSCF0043These days, I often sing along this song:

“You know I’m a dreamer

But my heart’s of gold

I had to run away high

So I wouldn’t come home low…”

DSCF0123Yes, if you know me, I’m a truly dreamer. I never stop dreaming since I was so young, but the problem is sometimes I don’t have enough the courage to achieve my dreams. I am a loser for so many times…DSCF0029

DSCF0107From time to time, my dreams have been growing bigger and bigger, and so do the others’ surrounding me. Usually, I want to win it, achieve my dreams, sometimes I feel quite scared to reach them, since reaching them is not that easy as I know. It’s a real long way to go, and I am so lazy, so moody and so pessimistic for some reasons.DSCF0124

I am trying to learn day by day, I can totally achieve my dreams, my big dreams, well, someday, and by my feet below 😀DSCF0128


“…Take me to your heart
Feel me in your bones
Just one more night
And I’m comin’ off this
Long and winding road…”




Jakarta – Bandung – Bali trip (Part 1)


Actually, I was invited to Jakarta for my ex-roomate’s wedding. Well, so… I and my friends took this as an opportunity to drop by the other nearby places, and a can-not-be-missed nearby destination in our list is Bali island – a very well-known tourist spot.

I’m going to write about my 11-day trip. Since my trip would be too long to tell and I am not so neat when it comes to writing, I decided to divide my trip into many episodes.


First episode would be about my first days in Jakarta and the WEDDING!!!

Arriving at Jakarta at around 11pm at night, I was a bit surprised that Jakarta has the same time zone with Ho Chi Minh city (My bad, I didnt research properly for the trip). Jakarta welcomed me with its Feb night rain; I felt I was very lucky since I didn’t suffer any flight delay. I reached the airport on time and get picked up by 02 nice men sent by Nisa (my lovely roomate I mentioned above).

Arrived Nisa’s house at around 1:00 in the morning, tired of the flight and the whole-day working before that (was almost late for the flight because getting stuck with job handover haha). But before sleeping for a million years, I still had enough time to chit chat with Nisa the little girl, OMG, I’d been apart from this girl for more than TWO YEARS. She was still the same, exept for 01 thing that she was getting married on that weekend, meaning she was going to have a new adventure and leaving the single ladies like me behind hehe.

OK I’m gonna talking about the main things I did in Jakarta, the wedding and the shopping malls.


The wedding is such a really nice experience to me.

Saturday morning is the time for the couple entering the mosque – attending the ceremony which is called Nikah in Muslim (if I’m not mistaken).

All the ladies and men dressed up in Muslim traditional clothes. Yeah, you know what I mean by traditional clothes, like Nisa’s auntie following outfit (well, I love this lady so much, she’s really nice and fun).


But still, I noticed that some ladies in their very modern and nice traditional outfit, with the cut-out, see-through fabric, like the 02 following ladies:

Picture 017

The ceremony is quite long to me, since I didn’t understand the prayer in Muslim =.=, so I cannot say I really enjoyed the ceremony =.=. Anyway, I love looking at the way they conducted the ceremony and tried to reason why they did this or did that. The noise is raising higher and higher when it came nearer to the end of the ceremony, some people left their seats to take the foods and well, so did us hehe.

As soon as the buffet was officially served, the ceremony ended. Some people started lining up on the left side of the stage (under allocation of an MC) to reach the bride and groom (who are standing on the stage) for congratulations, they touched on each others’ hands, hugged each others, and posed together. In this wedding, normally, the guests are asked (by the photographers) to take 01 formal photo with the bride and groom, and another one in “free-style”, it’s just so funny and cute to see all the mature/old people making these free-style poses. Here is a typical photo during the congratulations, in which the couple having the pictures with their guests, relatives…

IMG_6589A very interesting fact is that (this is revealed by Nisa the bride) we should try to steal the jasmine around her hair and keep that until you forget everything about that, then maybe you are marrying later on (if I’m not mistaken hehe). As soon as we reached her on the stage, we already informed her we were gonna steal her flowers and she kept chasing us to do that. How sweet she was huh? Haha.

This is a close-up shot of the couple of the day (sorry Hashfi, if you think you look not nice here 😛 I don’t have any other picture :P)

IMG_6590There were even a LIVE music band on the left hand side of the stage, they sang all the English and Indonesian songs and I found this was really nice. Maybe I can imitiate later on =].

That was all about the ceremony.

The wedding dinner was held on the following evening (Sunday).

The NIKAH (or the ceremony in the mosque the day before) and the wedding dinner actually somehow had a similiar format. The guests came to see the beginning ceremony, then the prayer, the buffet, live music and the congratulations from the guests to the couple. However, there were quite a lot differences: the clothes of the couple (very nice wedding suits in the following picture), the wedding venue (it’s hugeee & beautiful), more guests (a huge amount – around 2,000 I heard!!!), the reception, an opening traditional dance. Here are some pictures:

BambangJavanese traditional dance

ilhamThe 02 families


DSC01255The couple is followed by the girls (the bridemaids?) who keep spreading out the flowers all over the young couple.

OK, hope I didn’t miss anything from the wedding… My post is too long already. Next part I’d like to tell you about the malls in Jakarta and Bandung, for all shopaholics out there, hehe.

All the best,