Be hearty

Hi everyone,

It’s another post of mine wearing this long white shirt and a denim jeans, together with a pair of sneakers, I made this look more sporty and youthful-looking.

Both of the shirt and jeans I bought from local shop. Shades are from Aldo.

Hope you enjoy my photos. Please let me know your opinion if any.



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3 in 1

Hi everyone

It was my bad to skip 03 posts for the recent 02 weeks. I am currently joining a design night class after full time 8-hour working. Arriving at home at almost 10pm every night (except weekend) makes it so hard to keep my promises (02 posts/week) :P

In this post I am showing 03 different looks of the same outfit, actually accessory-different looks.

1) Wearing a croptop with my favourite bubble-dotted highlow skirt: To keep everything simple and keep the girly level at its lowest, I opted for an easy pony tail. Since my upper part (face and neck) was quite simple, I picked a golden statement necklace to balance everything out.

IMG 2539 psd

IMG 2530 psd

IMG 2565 psd

IMG 2570 psd

IMG 2583 psd

IMG 2585 psd

2) Putting off the backpack and switch the look in to a night look by picking an evening clutch and glamorous pair of earings

IMG 2653 psdIMG 2635 psd

IMG 2615 psdIMG 2670 psd

IMG 2640 psd

IMG 2655 psd

3) I admit that I tried hard to have this look haha. But isn’t it cool to have this super girly look sometimes when you’d feel like to? Just put on a floral headband, you would be your own fairy in your own Wonderland. By the way, I’ve got this headband from

IMG 2685 psd

IMG 2694 psd

So, it’s a 3 in 1 look. What do you think?

Thanks for reading.

Old bicycle

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Hi everyone

I’m managing to have 02 posts a week. so this is my 2nd post of this week.

It is current a very big vacation of the year in Vietnam, due to the public holidays happening next to each other, so we’ve mostly have a whole 9 days long of vacation.

I returned to my hometown to spend some quality time with my family and by chance I recalled myself of my old bicycle (I’ve got in when I was in 12th grade, but I rarely used it after I finished high school). So I just took it out and gave it a good shower and ….let’s go!! I travel through the streets with my bicycle and realize how many things have passed for such long years. I just really had those very good throw-back moments while cycling through the streets of my school time. I hope you guys won’t forget to make sometime for your own memory and emotion, sometimes it’s good to breathe slowly and enjoy everything slowly as well.

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Hope you enjoy my photos.


Life is beautiful

Hi my readers,

I am actually trying to have 02 posts/week. And I’ve made up my mind it would be one on Wed and the rest one on Sat.

Today I actually want to have a brief review on the movie I’ve just recently watched: Life is beautiful (Italian, 1997).IMG 0596 psd
Life is really beautiful, indeed. Even when the worst things happen. It’s all about how you decide your own path: being a positive man or being a negative man.

In the movie, the man character (Guido) totally can have numerous of opportunities to get depressed and frightened like everyone do in the concentration camp. In fact, he doesn’t. Since he knows that he must protect his son from any of that negative emotions and he even turned the fear of death into an exciting game.

There is no doubt that he is such a devoted Dad who would sacrifice himself for the life of his little boy. But regarding the aspect of being a human, there is also no doubt that he is such a wonderfully positive person. You guys would know that, for so many times, being positive to just ourselves is already such a terrible hardness, not to mention about Guido’s terrible situation: poor accommodation, arbitrary execution, starvation, cruelty… . But Guido has been positive to himself, maybe partly and totally a great optimist to his little son, Joshua, Guido has played a perfect game with his son and still can hold the game (or his son’s positiveness) until the very last minutes before his predictable death (I wish the ending is not as what it is, Guido really deserves a happy life ever after for being such a great man), and of course, he totally makes his best to have a full protection on his beloved son till his end.

And for those who haven’t watched the movie, do you know how this Dad’s positiveness has led his son to? To a perfectly amazing land fulfilled with the toys that the little boy dreams for (in the movie its a real tank) and therefore, to prepare for being rewarded, the little boy himself has to live positively, do all his best and move himself forward.

How marvelous and amazing the Dad is!

To me, positiveness, or negativeness is just a choice. And it’s so sure, positiveness will lead you to everywhere you’ve dreamed of, at least in your soul.

IMG 0551 coloradj

IMG 0563 coloradj

IMG 0575 coloradj

IMG 0600 coloradj

IMG 0581 coloradj

IMG 0605

IMG 0561 coloradj
Like my photos or have any constructive comments? Don’t hesitate to let me know down there.



Be mindful

IMG 0395

Hello my reader!

It’s been 01 whole year since my last post. Wow. I can believe its this fast! It also means that I’ve been moving to new office for one year. (Well, I should celebrate my 1st year of new office.)

My new job is less hectic than the previous ones, so I’ve got chance to learned about new things and be proactive for loads of work and knowledge. My new colleagues are also really fun and helpful. Regarding last job, I was like drowning in a workload flood, I can hardly mingle with my colleagues due to my heavy schedule and I often went out of office for my work, all I can do is just working my arse off just to make sure that I fulfilled all the work requirement. I didn’t have much fun with such a hectic job, to be honest.

So, when it comes to work, I’ve got this from my 5 year working experience is to pick a job that you can totally balance yourself among the needs of having time of yourself, having time to have fun with your colleagues (come on, you spend nearly all of your life there, why not having some fun to flush away the stress that daily problems may bring to you?) having time to learn, experience new things and most important, having time to mindful of what you’re doing, and last but not least, having time to enjoy you own work.

Take a look at my outfit this week. I hope you guys will like it.

I will try to have 02 posts/week in the upcoming time, really looking forward to your support and motivation. xoxo (I’m really sorry about some blurry photos here, I will try to make it clearer next time, hope you don’t mind this!)


IMG 0421

IMG 0491

IMG 0425

IMG 0446

IMG 0507

An over-excited moment of mineIMG 0524

New Office

Hello everyone,

Again, its been a while since my last post.  I’ve got a new job and so far I really need to stay focused on it since all are new to me. That’s why I don’t have lots of time to upload posts. Most of the things I can do now is getting to prepare a good outfit every night, then gotta take my selfie outfit photos in the next morning. I enjoy that haha, its not really time-consuming huh? Anyway, I think it’s also a good idea to share the office outfits, not all of us have an all-the-time inspiration for office wear every morning right? I hope I can be one of the inspiration.

Please take a look at these 02 outfits I made this week. I’m really sorry for the low-quality and small photos. I will get back to the standard ones soon.

Outfit 1: Mustard blouse + navy blue office skirt + heels + ton-sur-ton button earrings.

photo (4)


photo (2)

photo (1)

Outfit 2: Floral shirt + mini pink skirt + navy heels (I really love the pattern from this shirt)

photo (8)

photo (7)

photo (6)

photo (5)

Hope you like these 02 outfits. Comment what you think and let’s make friends!





Hello everyone!!!


Its been 02 weeks since my last post. Sorry that I skipped last Saturday post due to my recent busy schedule.

My post today is about …a beer club look. I went to a local beer club called Vuvuzela with my close friends that evening. To create this look, I thought about something quite edgy in my wardrobe. First thing first I could think about the edgy look which I was gonna make was this black mini leather skirt. Then thinking about the top, many options popped up in my mind, a simple top with a denim jacket:


Or this flowery corset?


Finally, the flowery corset beat the denim look, since I wanted to create a playful and a little bit sexy look, which I rarely made. I may save the denim one for another time, I also love that look a lot, don’t you think it would look so cool? :)








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What do you think about my look?



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